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Jacqueline Blum Design is a full-service residential design firm based in San Diego, CA, specializing in high-end remodels. Jacqueline and team offer a signature style that is modern, minimalistic, and refined—rooted in the idea that intentionality and balance are at the heart of great design. Above all, their work reflects the foundational belief that you deserve to live in a home that effortlessly aligns with your lifestyle. 

Jacqueline Blum Design_Interior Design_San Diego, CA


Since I was four, I’ve been studying interiors. I was born into a family of designers, so residential appointments were as frequent as play dates. I learned to name colors from color wheels and preferred fabric samples to toys. For me, design was both nature and nurture—as much a part of my upbringing as any family tradition. 

On my second date with my now-husband, Brent, we were enjoying Bloody Marys while looking over the blueprints for his first San Francisco home. It was meant to be a flip, but over the course of countless dates spent drawing plans and sourcing materials, it became our first home. We haven’t stopped renovating or designing since. After years of moving from project to project, it was time to give this passion project a name. Together, we launched Jacqueline Blum Design, with the goal of creating homes where our clients live more purposefully, peacefully, beautifully.

Jacqueline Blum Design_Interior Design_San Diego, CA
Meet Jackie
Jacqueline Blum Design_Interior Design_San Diego, CA


December 2021

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